EAU Privacy Policy

The EAU respects your privacy and is committed to protecting the confidentiality of your personal information. This policy explains how the EAU collects and uses Member and customer information, and how the EAU protects your privacy. It also explains how you can manage your own personal information held in the EAU system through ‘My EAU’ on the EAU Web Site – www.uroweb.org

This policy applies to personal information held about individuals. It does not apply to information the EAU holds about companies and other organisations.
This general policy is in addition to any specific policies concerning specific products or services. It may be amended at any time.

Personal Information

The EAU is an association which combines a wide range of activities in the field of urology, including:

  • Provision of Membership Services
  • Collection and dissemination of scientific information
  • Provision of Products and Services

This may require the handling of personal information of the individuals involved in these activities and hence the EAU collects personal information in a number of ways from a number of sources. This information may be communicated to the EAU on paper forms received through the postal services or by fax, or electronically through registration on the EAU Web Site and use of the EAU’s online services (‘My EAU’).

The sources of personal information received by the EAU are:

  • The individuals themselves;
  • Third parties acting on behalf of individuals (e.g. an agent arranging registration or hotel accommodation for an EAU congress/meeting);
  • Affiliated Associations providing details of their Members;

The ways in which the EAU collects personal information are:

  • When you register personal details when creating or updating a ‘My EAU’ account on the EAU Web Site;
  • When you, or an agent on your behalf, enter personal details on a form requesting an EAU product or service (e.g. when registering for an EAU organised Congress);
  • When you, or someone on your behalf, submits proposals or content in connection with scientific sessions at an EAU organised Congress or meeting (e.g. Abstracts submission);
  • When you enter personal details on a form applying to become a Fellow of the EAU, or Member of one of the EAU constituent bodies (such as an EAU Office)

What personal information is collected by the EAU

Mandatory Personal Information
As a general rule, to enable the EAU to correctly identify you, to provide you with the products and services you have requested and to communicate with you, the following minimum information must be provided in order for your order, request, application, etc. to be processed:

Title, First Name(s), Family Name(s)
Full Postal Address
Optional Personal Information

Other information may be requested to help identification (e.g. date of birth), to contact you in case of need (telephone and fax), or to enable the EAU to understand your profile so you can be provided with better and more appropriate products and services (e.g. Professional Activities and Fields of Interest).

Email address information
Your email address must be supplied when you use the EAU electronic services on the web (i.e. when you use ‘My EAU’ on the EAU Web Site). In other circumstances the email address is optional.
For more information concerning emails, please go to the section Email Addresses.

Credit Card Information
Credit Card information, along with other information related to specific transactions, is collected at the time of your order, request or application, and is used only for the purposes of that particular transaction. For your protection, the Credit Card information is not retained in the EAU system for later use for any other transactions.

How the EAU uses personal information

Personal information is needed by the EAU to enable it to properly manage its Member and customer files. These files are used to enable the EAU to fulfill its role in providing a wide range of services to its Members, contributors and customers.

The personal information which you supply may be specifically used to:

  • Enable the EAU to provide you with the products or services you request;
  • Enable the EAU to communicate with you about specific matters;
  • Enable the EAU to send you information about EAU activities which it believes may interest you

How long is my personal information kept?
As a general rule, personal information is kept for three years after your last use of an EAU product or service. If you are an EAU Member, your information will be kept in the EAU system while you continue to be a Member even if you do not use EAU products or services during that time.

E-mail addresses
Electronic communication is for most purposes the EAU’s preferred method of communication because it is generally convenient, rapid, effective and efficient. In order to be able to communicate with you directly electronically the EAU needs your email address. You are therefore required to supply your email address when you create your members account on the EAU Web Site, which enables you to access a variety of services online.

Unique E-mail address
For your convenience and security, your e-mail address is unique to you in the system. (The EAU does not permit two different persons to have the same e-mail address in the system). You are strongly recommended to use an e-mail address which is personal to you and that is not shared with others. This is to ensure that communications which are sent to you personally are not read by others, and that others do not gain access to the information in your ‘My EAU’ account.

Additionally, the unique e-mail permits automated retrieval of your log-in details, which are sent to your personal e-mail address.

E-mail privacy
The EAU respects the privacy of personal email addresses and complies with the current legislation on email communication. The objective is not to send you unwanted messages, and your email details will not be passed on to any other individual or organisation without your explicit permission.
Without your specific ‘Opt In’ to receive emailings from the EAU you may receive emails concerning:

  • Products and services similar to those you have already received from the EAU
  • If you are a Member of an EAU Office (whose benefits to Members may include email newsletters, etc.), activities or scientific information specifically concerning the Office of which you are a Member

You can manage the extent to which the EAU communicates with you by using the e-News section in your ‘My EAU’ homepage. Here you are asked to indicate whether or not you wish to receive EAU generated emails.

If you decide that you do wish to receive e-mail communications from the EAU you can select which categories of news interest you. All mailings sent to you offer the possibility to unsubscribe.

If you indicate that you do not wish to receive EAU generated e-mails you will only receive emails directly related to the transactions you have with the EAU (e.g. confirmations of registrations, etc.) and other necessary individual communications.

Disclosure of information and Marketing

The EAU complies with EC directives and is registered under the laws of The Netherlands, and takes all reasonable care to prevent any unauthorised access to your personal data. The EAU staff and contractors have a responsibility to keep your information confidential.

The EAU does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others. The EAU may supply your information to its contractors to perform specific services (such as to the publishers to deliver EAU journals). Otherwise, the EAU does not disclose personal information to any other person or organisation without your consent.

If you are a delegate at an EAU congress or meeting, and you visit exhibiting company stands, presenting your badge may enable them to retrieve the following personal data: first name(s), last name(s), address, telephone, fax, email, and professional activity information.

Right of access to your EAU information

You have the absolute right to access, amend, and oppose the use of, your personal data. When you visit ‘My EAU’ you have direct control over the information in your personal profile. Your can access and change this information at any time from your ‘My EAU’ homepage.

If you want to know exactly what personal information the EAU holds on you, you can obtain it. If it transpires that the information is inaccurate, or you wish to oppose its use in future, the EAU will make the necessary amendments and confirm that these have been made. Please contact the EAU in either of the following ways:

Online through our ‘Contact Us’ page.

In writing to:
European Association of Urology – Data Privacy
European Association of Urology
PO Box 30016
NL-6803 AA Arnhem

Data Security

To protect your information, the EAU uses an industry standard security protocol called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) to encrypt the transmission of sensitive information between you and our website.

SSL is used, for example, when you register for congress meetings or make a credit card payment. To know if transmissions are encrypted, look for the lock on your web browser or check that the URL starts with https://.

Use of Cookies
Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer’s hard disk for record keeping purposes. They are small text files that a website can use to recognise repeat users and facilitate their ongoing access to, and use of, the site. They do not pose a threat to your system or files.
The use of cookies is an industry standard, and many websites use them to provide useful features. Cookies in and of themselves do not personally identify users, although they do identify a computer. Most browsers are set initially to accept cookies. You can set your computer to reject cookies. However, if you do choose to disable cookies, you will not be able to use the online services offered through ‘My EAU’.

External Links
The EAU Web Site contains links to other websites. Please be aware that the EAU is not responsible for the privacy policies of other sites. You are therefore encouraged to read the privacy policies of any other site that collects personally identifiable information. This privacy policy applies solely to information collected by the EAU.

‘My EAU’ – Managing your contact with the EAU

Access to Personalised Services
You do not need to register to access most of the EAU Web Site, but you do have to register to use personal services online and access certain web content.
The details you supply the EAU may be combined with information from other EAU records to:

  • Provide you with online services like Abstract Submission, Registration for Congresses, etc.
  • Save you having to keep giving the same information for different EAU services;
  • Allow you to access specific web content reserved for ‘My EAU’ users;
  • Help you to get more out of the EAU by keeping you up-to-date about EAU activities, scientific developments and products and services by email (Note: This is an ‘Opt-In’ service only.);

Access to your personal information
‘My EAU’ enables you to manage your personal information held by the EAU. If you are a Member of the EAU, or have used EAU products and services in the last three years, a record will already exist for you which you can potentially access by logging in online through:

  • Use of your existing login details (username and password), if you have already used the EAU online services (‘Members Login’) during the last three years;
  • The ‘Retrieve your Login’ feature which, if your email address is recognised, will automatically send details of your username and a newly generated password (for your protection) to the email address given;
  • Using special alternative login functionality available for limited periods for Congress delegates, which uses information on the Congress badges;
  • Requesting your login details to be sent to you through ‘Contact Us’;
  • Alternatively, you can simply create a new ‘My EAU’ account by using ‘My EAU’ when asked for login information. The EAU does not permit more than one ‘My EAU’ account per person to avoid confusion. So, if an account already exists for you in the EAU system, your new account will be matched to it (normally within two working days, but longer during the EAU Congress period for technical reasons).

When matched, Membership and other information regarding products and services used (e.g. subscriptions) will be transferred to your new account, and previous personal details held in the EAU system will be replaced by the new ones you entered.

Managing your personal information
Once logged in to your ‘My EAU’ account, you can easily view and up-date your personal details, email address, username and password.
Additionally, you can manage whether or not you wish to be kept informed by e-mail of EAU activities, products and services. The EAU also asks you to provide optional information about your professional activities and interests in order to understand your needs better, and improve the services it offers to you and to the urological community in general.

Your Comments

If you any further questions about the EAU Privacy and Security Policy or its implementation, or if at any time you believe that the EAU has not adhered to the principles stated in this Policy, please contact us.